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Courtney Consulting, Inc., was founded in October, 2002, by Nanesha Courtney, a Veteran in the world of Vocational Services. Courtney Consulting provides quick solid claims resolutions for even your most complex cases. We know how to give you the kind of consistent claims management service that leads to rapid cost-effective solutions.

Our team of skilled professionals regularly works with highly difficult cases. We know how to:

  1. develop light duty return-to-work programs that cut your costs
  2. provide expert witness testimony and forensic file review
  3. offer ergonomic consultations
  4. complete a transferable skills analysis
  5. prepare employability assessment reports
  6. create Job Analysis Databanks and Libraries that save you both time and money by dramatically speeding up the vocational process

Remember, at Courtney Consulting, Inc., we are able to provide a multitude of services including Vocational Resolution that leads to a quick Claims Closure, Forensic Review, Assessment, Plan Development, Monitoring, Job Analyses Services, Ergonomic Assistance, and Preventative Measures. We have experience with larger companies such as Kelly Group, RCI Construction, and Kroger's.

Contact us today to learn how Courtney Consulting, Inc. can apply our system of efficiency and expedience to resolve your off-work claims and respond to your Vocational Service needs.

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