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    During a complicated and progressively worsening claim, we had the fortune to hire Nanesha Courtney as a Vocational Counselor to help work with our injured employee. She worked with all sides to come to several mutually-beneficial conclusions regarding the extent and severity of the claim. Nesha also acted as a go-between for the worker and the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries to help the injured worker navigate L&I's complex system. Nesha provided excellent service to all parties involved, and that resulted in a claim that concluded to everyone's satisfaction.

    I would recommend Courtney Consulting, Inc. to anyone — for the simple, straight-forward injuries to the very complex issues that can arise from an industrial injury.

— Tracey Mershon, Claims Manager
RCI Construction Group
Sumner, WA

    I am always able to depend on Nesha and Courtney Consulting to bring those stubborn claims to closure. Nesha is always on top of her game with both the injured worker and the attending physicians. She knows when to intervene and when to sit back and wait for everything to come together.

    I would not hesitate to bring Courtney Consulting, Inc. into the claim no matter how complicated or simple it is.

— Barb Jones, Claims Manager
JH Kelly, LLC
Vancouver, Washington

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